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Prodigal founders Miranda Henderson & Alister O’Loughlin offer expert tuition in Release Technique and Movement for contemporary dancers and for actors, Character Creation and Using Blank Verse (Shakespeare & his contemporaries), The Creation of plays from Biographical and Found Sources, and Site-Specific Adaptations of Classic Texts.

Ignacio Jarquin is trained in “The Liberated Voice” method with the advanced singing technique Master Carol Baggott-Forte. He teaches the technique for singers and actors arranging workshops all over Europe.

Chris Chatfield is acknowledged as the premiere authority on 16th Century Fencing Master Vincentio Saviolo. He teaches Renaissance Martial Arts (Shakespeare’s Swordsmen) and 19th Century Pugilism (The Romantic Boxing of Kean and Byron).

Chris Umney is a Lighting Designer, production manager and musician with the experimental electronica band “Wevie Stonder”. He teaches “Soundscape” Design, Lighting Design and Production Management.

Peter Farley is a senior lecturer in Design at Wimbledon School of Art, a curator for the Society of British Theatre Designers, and an associate artist of the Royal Ballet. He teaches Set and Costume Design for all scales of theatre and dance performance. All of our workshops are inclusive and accessible and can be suitable for all age ranges.