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Ten Thousand Several Doors
The Urban Playground
The Tragedian Trilogy

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caruso title“…strong on humanity and the power of his voice in every sense” BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

Prodigal’s collaboration with Andrew G Marshall will create a Caruso trilogy. The first part has toured the UK and Ireland extensively, with the second due to première at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2011.

Caruso & The Quake

The famous tenor Caruso was trapped in the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. In order to return home to the family he loved, he had to escape his collapsing hotel room, cross a city swept by fire and fight his way past the military onto the only ferry out of town. Beautiful storytelling and live opera singing combine to reveal the heart behind a legend.

Caruso & The Monkey House Trial

In New York, one of Caruso's favourite distractions was watching the monkeys play in Central Park Zoo…until he was arrested for pinching the bottom of a lady in the Monkey House. He claimed he was innocent of this scandalous slur but the Police were determined to prosecute. In this new performance, the audience plays the jury and must pass a verdict on the famous tenor – guilty or not guilty?



caruso photo
caruso photo
caruso photo